Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Trip to Dave and Tam's

Good day to all...follow the link...it will take you on "our" trip..;)


Sunday, November 05, 2006

Changing blogs.

Well here we go. If you haven't noticed..(well I'm sure most haven't) but my MSN blog page is (B/O).

I can still post pictures, but for what ever reason the text commands are greyed out.

So for now I have switched to one of my alternate blogs...you will notice that I'm not to familiar with this one. (yet)

Glad to see all the posts going on out there. That is why I thought with my few minutes of extra time
I would write a few lines.

Chris and I are planning to make a trip to visit Alexandra real soon( and of course her mom and dad ;)...now that we have some free time.

Need to give that girl some snuggles...:)

Haven't had much chance to visit since her birth.

It is also great to see Gord is giving Mom and Dad a run for their money (lol)...I hear he is getting quite mobile.

Apparently he has a new set of training wheels to help him get around, some sort of letter carriers wagon.. Gee is that's not the one we gave him ?

Try to post more often.

Well that's it for tonight... goodnight. :)

Monday, September 18, 2006

The count is on

Well good day to all.
Soon there will be a total change in life.
I will be completing my final weeks of work.
After a career of 36 years I have decided to wrap it up.
It will indeed bring change for Chris and myself.
First we will have to re-evaluate our financial requirements,
then downsize or accomodations...3300 square feet for 2 people is a bit excessive.
The house has been a meeting for the kids ove rthe years but noe that they have all grown up and have there own homes and families it may be there time to be the meeting place. I'm sure they will be more than happy taking turns to get the family together.